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Travel Domain Names for Sale
Travel Domain Names for Sale

Travel Domain Names For Sale

Over the years I have acquired many keyword domain names in the belief that they would become the strongest domains on the Internet. As it turns out, I was right. I have had many of these since the mid-1990s and they are of the highest quality. I have many that I am never going to use and thought that I would sell them to fellow entrepreneurs to exploit. Each one of these domain names represent specific and obvious opportunities on the web. I am all ears when it comes to your ideas. I have not included a price rage for them, but would consider the sale, leasing, joint ventures or any other ideas that you might have. All of the domain names are .coms.

Please understand that these names represent HUGE opportunities for their respective keywords and that everything else being equal will rise to the very top of the search engines in their specific category.  As an example, someone looking to make reservations in Waikiki Beach might use the keywords "Waikiki Beach Reservations" to search or for travel insurance, might use "travel Insurance Agency" in either case, WaikikiBeachReservations.com or TravelInsuranceAgency.com would rise to the top of the result for the appropriate search.

Hawaii Domain Names: I purchased these domain names in the 1990s. Joanie and I used to own a Hawaii tour company in the early 1980s and I saw the future when I purchased these urls. While I have intended to exploit these urls, I just can't get beyond the cruise industry and the Internet. So, I have decided to let someone else evolve this obvious opportunity. You will not believe the quality of this package of domain names. Whoever develops these, will own the Hawaii reservation segment on the Internet.

Cruise Domain Names: While I am keeping the best for myself to build, here are some excellent niche oriented domain names. They offer excellent keywords for specific searches and should move right to the top of the search engines.

Travel Agency Domain Names: I acquired these from agents that wanted to sell and now offer them to those people that are looking for a high quality domain name for their Internet presence. These are great urls and agency names.

Niche Specific Domain Names: Want to start an online travel insurance company or an all-inclusive resort reservations business? Check these out, as they are the domain name equivalent to the premier brand of their specific niche.

If you see a domain name (or names) that you are interested in, e-mail me your ideas at TomOgg@aol.com and I will consider them. Lowball offers will simply be ignored, as I have no need to sell these, but am interested in seeing them evolve. Also, if you have some high quality domain names that you would like to sell, send me a list of them and how much you are asking. I can either buy them or help you sell them on this site.

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